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Web Development

Convenient sites that work for your business and your users.


VUE, Angular, Node.js,
PHP, Python, Go

Mobile Development

We create beautiful, fast and safe applications for iOS and Android.


iOS: Swift, objective C
Android: Kotlin, Java

Enterprise Development

Industrial development aimed at the automation and solution problems.




Website design

works landing page

Landing page design


Design for a law firm


Personal page for a doctor

We know everything about the mistakes that have to be avoided in the development process

01 Technical errors / dirty code
02 Errors in design and usability
03 low download speed
04 lack of adaptive layout
05 Wrong structure
06 etc.

What Makes Us Different

Speed of making decisions – The Client doesn’t need to wait for every task to be negotiated (unless some detail clarification is required). All decisions are made by responsible members of a project team.

Price – Development of a complicated digital project is quite a specific process and it’s impossible to precisely calculate its price. That’s why we get paid only for the actual time spent. The price of our work is a bit lower than an average market price, because we are doing our best to minimize our expenses and not to make you pay them.

Interaction – All participants of the process have excess to the project space in Slack and to the project in YouTrack. The client has excess to the data on every task, its realization terms and results. Every iteration is accompanied with the conference of the team with the client in order to negotiate and correct the requirements, show the results.

Web development Process

Nr. 1


Research This analysis has to include demographic data, behavioral patterns and aims of your buyer.

Nr. 2


Wireframing models help us build a road map of a user and quickly visualize the end product. This is the vital part of a preparation plan that will determine the structure, content and functionality of your application.

Nr. 3


Creation of prototypes allows you to check your concept before the software development, to get some feedback from the parties concerned and evaluate the design.

Nr. 4


When we have it all as a general idea, we shall start developing an easy, intuitively comprehensible and consistent user interface that will ensure an amazing experience for your target audience.

Nr. 5


We care about both internal and external development, along with constant testing and quality control in order to provide a reliable and high-performance application.

Nr. 6


After completing the web development, we shall adjust your application for a successful launch. We also offer ongoing maintenance to eliminate problems and sustain productivity over time.

Roman Makuev

Team Lead


Responses to potential customers’ questions about our approach to web development

Roman Makuev

Team Lead


How are big/lengthy projects developed?

In sprints. Project development is carried out in iterations 2-4 weeks long. Every sprint starts from a preliminary briefing forming a backlog, is accompanied with intermediate demonstrations and, if necessary, correction of the backlog along the way.

How is quality control carried out?

We do iterative testing before every release. In small projects, developers test their code by themselves, while a QA-engineer participates in big projects.

How do you keep time record?

When setting the task (forming of sprint), a Team leader or an Art Director determines the expected time for task completion. Specialists keep track of the time spent on every completed task in YouTrack. You we know the approximate price of iteration in advance and receive a detailed report on its results.


Didn’t find the answer?


If you are not a professional in this sphere, it’s hard to make a good-quality product, for example, it’s easier for a company that does not specialize in web development to order from us, rather than find their way through so many tiny details and peculiarities, make mistakes, waste time and money. Market technologies and requirements change very rapidly, and only people doing it professionally can complete the task with due quality.


IoT, E‑commerce, business process automation, Multimedia, Telecom.


We can develop a product for you no matter where in the world you are – today it poses no difficulty at all.


It depends on many factors, especially if we deal with some difficult, individual development. Contact us and we shall brief you on price and terms.